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  Ad Results is the preeminent endorsement advertising firm in the US. We connect some of the most high profile news, sports, entertainment and digital content creators in the world with our clients products. We utilize endorsements in terrestrial/AM-FM radio, US network radio, podcasting, online specific content, YouTube programming and an ever growing array of digital and non linear programs. We are the best in the world at aligning these influencers with the products and services of our clients and creating a message that creates a reaction from the audience. Endorsements absolutely, positively work and we are the best in the business at creating and delivering them.



Ad Results works as a turnkey agency for all aspects of endorsement audio. Not only do we develop and execute live/native endorsement campaigns, we also provide endorser training, and hold endorsers to the highest level of compliance to insure that each personality is on target to reach client goals.


Ad Results works as a turnkey agency for digital endorsments. We work with channels that include local TV personalities, YouTube influencers, and an array of digital video content. Ad Results provides campaign planning and execution including production on all visual endorsement mediums.


Ad Results uses a proprietary monitoring system that allows unique access to verify the content of all ads placed over the national radio landscape. All advertisers are held to the highest standard of compliance and daily audio/video samples are provided to each client via our web portal. This same technology is also used for competitive analysis.

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Leadership Team

Marshall Williams


Co-Founder and Owner/Partner.

Russell Lindley


Co-Founder and Owner/Partner.

Jenni Skaug

Vice President

Vice President of Business Development

Jennifer Christman

Vice President

Vice President of Media and Client Services.